Online Yoga courses as the name implies are short term courses offered in yoga.

As a yoga practitioner, therapist for over 10 years now, most people who come to learn yoga, approach Yoga as a set of practices to learn and then assume that they have learned yoga.

Online Yoga Courses

In the picture above the driver of the vehicle has a helmet. He knows that talking over mobile is dangerous while driving. Yet he does so.

Will the helmet protect him?

Will the knowledge that talking over a handset while driving protect him?

It is obviously no.

He will know that he was unprotected only when something unforeseen happens.

Similarly, knowing how to do yoga and doing it regularly to know yoga and derive the benefits of yoga are different.

Yoga is one singular process that cleanses your body, mind, and energy.

You are aware of physical dirt. You take a bath. If not it stinks. You feel uncomfortable.

Similarly, we have mental, emotional and energetic accumulations that get accumulated during the course of the day and even when one is asleep. Yoga cleanses and throws them off.

Accumulated mental stuff is experienced as negative thoughts, wrong perception, wrong decision making.

Accumulated emotional dirt is mostly experienced by others also – your anger, frustrations, fears etc.

Energetic accumulations show up as lethargy, laziness, compulsive habits and finally as a disease when it manifests in the body.

And given the current situation, it becomes even more important to know how regular online yoga course practice can help you prevent Covid -19 infection

The next logical question that comes up is this:

What is the difference between Yoga and Exercise or any other type of work out?

If you ask me the one singular difference is that in yoga the mind and energy are consciously involved. You may get muscles, good aerobic capacity etc with other exercises if you do them regularly. What you may not get clarity of perception and a calm mind.

Many ask is yoga better than physical exercise, why?

Answer is same. Yoga can build physical strength if you need it. But what yoga gives in addition is powerful energy and emotional structure. Energy that you need to do your work well, focused mind that is not carried away by tendencies is vital to achieve your goals.

Yoga begins with the breath. Hence the process is fully aerobic. While physical exercise after a certain point becomes anaerobic. Anaerobic respiration means you start deriving energy without using oxygen. This may not be healthy.

The best online yoga courses can be planned to bring about specific physiological, spiritual, and emotional benefits for students, home makers and entrepreneurs.

Online Yoga Courses:

Online Yoga courses come in two or three formats.

Learn and practice on your own model: This model is the most economical You register and learn a specific course plan in 3-5 days over 6-10 hours. You then regularly practice at your home without guidance. Many models are available from beginner to advanced based on the intensity of the postures and based on the functionality.

This model of Online Yoga Courses is suitable for those who have the discipline to practice on their own.

Regular Online Yoga Class:

In this model, you register for a month or a quarter and practice daily with the direct help of the instructor online. This is also a group model.

Two major benefits I have seen in this model is that the courses are progressive and can be varied to bring about curiosity and interest. Variations under guidance can be applied to bring about benefits to specific target organs. Since you have committed, and you become a part of a group the motivation to practice is high. Group energy is totally different.

This is slightly more expensive but in the long run benefits accrue.

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Personalized Online Yoga Classes:

This could also be called as Yoga Therapy. Each of us have a different body constitution. Our stage in life, goals and challenges are different. Personalized Yoga course or Yoga therapy will help to accomplish individualized goals.

Online Yoga class for weight loss

Online yoga class for students to improve concentration

Online Yoga Therapy for diabetes, Hypertension

Yoga therapy for back pain, Cervical Spondylosis.

Online Yoga for business success

The above are some of the most common benefits of yoga, which induce clients to choose individual classes.  This could seem to be expensive, yet it proves to be cost effective in the long run.

For example, is a student gets one percent more in his competitive exam the amount invested to learn personalized yoga for a year could be around Rs 20000, but the cost of getting a seat comes down by a few lakhs or he may also land up in a scholarship which could again be a again of few lakhs.

If you take example of diabetes, Regular yoga practice with a certain diet is proven to reverse diabetes. Cost of Diabetic treatment is around 1500 per month to being with which gradually moves higher to even 10000 per month. If one can invest on therapeutic yoga for six months, an amount of Rs 12000 over six months, complemented with regular practice this recurring cost is reduced.

Investment in yoga in any form – Online Yoga Courses, Regular online Yoga classes or Personalized Yoga Therapy gives compounded returns over a period.

Yoga and Spirituality:

Yoga is intricately enmeshed with spirituality. To know this one should answer the question, what is Spirituality?

Spirituality is to experience who you are without the body, mind, and energy structures. The body is Sanskrit is called Shareer. Shareer, means that which degrades. The body thus will anyways degrade and die off.

Mind and energy are tools that create the body and work within the body.

All may cease to exist yet you will be is the assertion of yoga.

To know who are beyond this realm needs right practice that involves the body, mind and energy. Then you surpass these three to know what is beyond.

While many other schools, especially western cognitive process focus on knowing this with cognitive mind based intellectual- thinking processes; they slowly become delusionary and imaginative.

Yoga is a science that incorporates spirituality as a goal and helps one progress toward responsible freedom systematically.

Is online Yoga good?

Is online yoga effective enough is the question most have. When one takes the classes seriously and comes as prepared as he or she comes for online yoga, online yoga is more effective. Direct yoga sometimes include unnecessary chatter, side talk etc. Online yoga is more focused.

There are many students who allocate a specific place and prepare the place with a lamp before they start the practice. The whole area attains a different energy as the vibrations are different.

What types of Yoga are included in Online Yoga Courses?

As I discussed earlier, yoga works with the mind, body, and energy. Online yoga courses in India normally include the Mantra aspect to.

Online Yoga classes
Mantra Yoga could be an integral part of Online Yoga Courses, India

Yoga is tool to align with the principles that created the universe; The principles with which the universe functions.

There are many benefits of yoga for which one seeks to learn yoga. The fundamental benefit of yoga, for which many seek yoga is to bring out change in few or many aspects of one’s life.

Change can be in form of better health, better relationships, ability to focus and concentrate and many more. When one seeks change it is also implied that one is either uncomfortable with the present or one wants to enhance the quality of life.

What ever be the goal, either coming out of a discomfort or to enhance, goal achievement happens efficiently and effectively when one performs action in line with the principles of the universe. If not, there is discomfort.

This discomfort is experienced as pain, disease, psychological challenges, and emotional upheavals; all of which lead to poor perception, poor decision making and poor goal achievement.

Yoga also becomes a powerful tool to help you overcome anxiety, stress and Fear

Types of Yoga:

Hatha yoga that principally works with the body to align the energetic and psychological body by treating them and aligning them.

Pranayama – breath work that works primarily with the energy, pranic and mental body – cleanse and align.

Meditation happens when the above two happens. This cannot be achieved through effort.

One Year Meditation with Ancient Masters – Email Meditations Program

Mantra Yoga is a type of yoga that works directly with the energy body and pranic body using sound. In most online yoga classes, India mantra yoga is incorporated seamlessly in alignment with movement and breath. This helps ‘yoga’ happen faster.

The best Online Yoga classes and Online yoga courses, begin with basic online yoga classes for beginners. Beginners learn the basics over a week and then join the group.

In Vinyasa yoga, where function is given more importance to than form, one need not necessarily be concerned if there is an online yoga class for beginners. What ever be one’s physical state, the function is achieved by appropriate sequencing and preparation?

The answer to the question, Is Online Yoga Good, lies in how prepares and how regular one is

Best Online Ygoa Class

Prepare the external and internal space well

Sit for yoga five to ten minutes before the beginning of a class

Keep a lamp or candle lighted in the space

Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes time after the practice before you enter normal work.

Online Yoga Course
Welcome you to Online Yoga Course – An introduction

Apply the core principles of yoga, like breath leading the movement as much as possible during the day. Let breath lead your actions. Think as a function of your breath. When these adhered to, Online yoga courses works wonders.

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