Regular Meditation Practice with Online Meditation Classes

Meditation is a state of mind where the mind is still. Many view meditation as a passive process. But today neuroscience and neuroplasticity research has proven that meditation is an active process.

Summary of the key findings of the research: (Link to the full article)

  1. Regular Meditation increases attention span
  2. Regular Meditation brings about emotional Self regulation
  3. Meditation Practice can increase neuronal growth at any age
  4. Meditation can triggers the relaxation response which in turn reduces stress -cortisol
  5. Meditation can prevent and heal many immuno-compromised and inflammatory disorders – Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Kidney dysfunctions etc
  6. Meditation can prevent and also reduce the progress of ageing related disorders of the brain – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia etc.


Before we learn to understand the benefits of regular meditation practice offered by online meditation classes and many long term online meditation courses, we will spend two minutes to understand the brain and its functions.

Neuroscience is the science of the neural system including brain and nerves.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of brain and neurons in the brain to form newer patters and new connections (medically called Synapses) at any age. Previously it was believed that neurons cannot form new connections after the age of 12.

The intelligence, imagination, creativity and cognitive – thinking capability of an individual is directly related to the number of neuronal connections.

With age the connections are supposed to degenerate. The most common reason for Alzheimer’s and Dementia is degeneration of the structures in the brain. The conditions were considered untreatable and unpreventable. Lifestyle was another major cause of these diseases yet, very vague.

Today this new finding from research in neuroplasticity studies, clearly show that there could be a scientific way to prevent and heal the so-called incurable or unpreventable diseases.

The New Art of Living, Online Meditation

Though meditation has many benefits, many find it difficult as it sometimes is also boring. It becomes very difficult to bring the active mind that throws one thought after the other.

Second any type of meditation, be it Live Meditation and Breath Workshops. top online meditation courses or for that matter any online meditation course; meditation can be effective only if it is done regularly.

Many say I know meditation. But what they actually mean is they know that to meditate means one has to sit in a place and observe the breath. This is what they know. What they actually mean is they know how to sit and what to watch during meditation. But they do not know to meditate as they do not practice it.

Online Meditation Courses – One clear benefit

Online Mediation Courses make mediation easy as there could be guidance offered online. Online Meditation can also bring in discipline to the practice.

If one joins a live online meditation Program, then direct interaction with the teacher can bring in more focus as they would be guided regularly.

Online Meditation Classes

Online Meditation Classes – Impact on Stress and Anxiety

Meditation practice is the practice of training the mind to be focused on a chosen object or idea or an internal state. When the mind is continously trained thus, the vacillatory nature of the mind is reduced. This reduced cyclical thought patterns and energy loss.

Every thought is a continuous action where one loses energy unconsciously, unaware.

Loss of energy, oscillating mind naturally keeps the mind in high alert and the cortisol induced stress

Regular practice with Guidance reduces cortisol induced stress as the relaxation response to environmental impact increases. Body internally is in a state of more calm and mind is more at rest.

A restful – still mind is a healing mind.

With life span increasing and physiological aging an unavoidable factor, Online Meditation Classes and courses should become at the New Art of Living.

In addition to the above most life style disease including diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kidney Dysfunction, PCOD have inflammation as the root cause. Active inflammation is also the cause of lowered immunity in the system. Regular mediation practice works at multiple layers of a being and brings stabilizes the immune response of the body.

There is enough evidence to show that meditation can prevent and heal by reversing the process

One more reason to enroll in Online Meditation Classes

Though most life style diseases are diagnosed late maybe 40s or 50s or even 60s; the onset of disease is much earlier.

For example there are Gamma Camera studies that show that degeneration that causes Parkinson’s disease begins twenty years before symptoms show up. Same is the case is most disease.

Before a disease can be experienced as a symptom, the disease actually grows within the body. The intelligence of the body works to its best to prevent the disease from happening and this sometime shows as many inflammatory responses.

It thus can be safely assumed that if one starts practicing meditation and related mind calming practices at an early age, one can be healthy even one grows from adulthood to old age.

Online Meditation Courses

Today many online mediation courses are available in the market. Yet, the choice of the program is important.

There are many tools to make meditation happen while in reality meditation is not a practice. You can only slip into meditation. What does this mean?

Meditation is the art of stilling the mind.

Mind can be still only when the breath is still.

Breath moves within the body. Every time you breath thoughts get generated and one drifts away with the thought.

Hence adequate preparation is key to any meditative practice without which one may sit for even hours with closed eyes either sleeping or thinking about something. When one opens eyes it may appear to be refreshing yet that is not what we are looking here. The eyes are refreshed. Not the mind.

Hence it is simple body work that should happen before one begins to meditate.

When the body is moved adequately, the pranic flow is stabilized. This leads to the stabilization of breath. When these two happen mind is stabilized. When mind is still meditation happens.

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