Give me ten minutes and I will give you powerful tools for Covid 19 prevention and rescue.

When you ask, what are the ways and means for Covid 19 prevention , you should also ask against which type of covid 19.

Do you know that the virus is constantly changing its shape, adapting to the internal environment of the body to make your body its perfect place of residence?

This constant change in its own mode of action, shape, and structure is what is called a mutation. The symptoms of covid 19 seem to be different for each strain. While Social distancing, masking, and even vaccines help to an extent the truth is that it is only the body’s inner intelligence that can eliminate it.

All you need to do is to strengthen and support this inner intelligence.

The teacher is same, books are same, yet scores vary isn’t it.

The ingredients are same, recipe is same, yet the taste of food differs is not it.

Same is the case when we are fighting against a virus that is adapting and mutating fast to secure its place in the human body.

Yet when the measures are simple they need regular practice. You may assume that you know all these. Yet knowing is different from doing. When you do you become healthy and less susceptible. Virus is not bothered whether you know it or not. Virus has no brain to understand this. It does not read your brain. virus reads your internal system as a whole.

In this small article I would cover in detail about the same.

The virus has no brain

When one seeks tools for Covid 19 prevention and rescue, one should come to terms with a possible truth that – ‘That the virus does not have a brain is its greatest advantage’.

What happens when you read the following statement?

Covid 19 Prevention and Rescue

Do you know that ‘You are one of the most beautiful persons in the world?’

What thoughts come up within you? Do you accept or reject or are you indifferent?

What ever you may do, they are inner reactions from your conditioned brain and mind. Since the brain has been wired in a certain way, it accepts or rejects the stimuli.

The challenge which we as humans have is that we should learn to separate from this conditioning to perceive reality. What stands in between right and wrong perception is the conditioning of the mind and the subsequent wiring in the brain.

A virus does not have this problem. It has no brain. See a plant. You plant a seed, If the situation is conducive, it grows. It adapts. We have plants that grow in deserts and those that grow in normal conditions. Plant is a living thing as it grows and dies.

Virus is still considered as a non-living thing. Virus is not an animal or germ like bacteria. Hence, we struggle to kill it. Common cold is caused by virus. So, there is no cure for common cold. We have medicines to de-congest the lings and reduce the temperature. Its between the body’s immune system and the virus, that determines the duration of the disease.

If you give ten minutes of attention, I will share with you some time-tested, valuable processes that will help you keep yourself healthy – physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Covid 19 Prevention and Rescue

When it comes to covid 19 prevention one should understand what is the immune system.? Much, has been said about it. In simple terms, just as virus is a cell, there are cells in the blood. When a new cell or organism arrives in the system, the cells in the body identify if it could harm the body’s internal environment.

The above identification happens because the new organism, in this case the covid 19 virus disturbs the internal environment, Like, a bull that comes into your home and damages what you have kept? Like pests that come into your home and cause trouble. What do you do? You ensure that it goes out. For that you need the intelligence and strength.

Similarly, if the body’s defending cells in the blood must prevent the covid 19 virus from causing damage and overpowering the system; the body’s cells and energy system should be vibrant.

Covid 19 Prevention

As a part of the knowledge of Covid 19 prevention and awareness, you should understand that the more vibrant and potent the body’s immune cells are, the more easily can the arriving virus of any strain be neutralized.

If not, the virus will sit in the body, assess the inner environment, and then start causing trouble. Since the virus has no brain there is no inner resistance in form of conditioning. Virus expects nothing. If the situation in the body is not conducive it leaves or is neutralized. If the situation is conducive, it causes trouble.

Covid 19 prevention:

The primary step in covid 19 prevention and also in developing home remedies for covid 19 prevention, lies is developing a powerful immune system.

What affects the immune system could be the next question. Unhealthy food, lack of proper exercise and lack of proper breathing all impact the immune system.

It takes simple logic to understand that oxygen is taken from the air by the lungs by the act of breathing. When lungs are strong and flexible enough, they expand well and suck most of the oxygen. So proper breathing ensures more oxygen that goes to the lungs. More oxygen being absorbed.

This oxygen is supplied into the bloodstream. Bloodstream is where the fighter cells are in the body. So simple act of proper breathing can solve most of the problems.

Stress and the Immune System

Stress levels play a vital role in immune health. The article from NIMH, US clearly states that stress suppresses cellular immunity. Hence it is especially important to learn, how to overcome anxiety and fear to have a strong immunity.

 Fear and anxiety act like a vicious cycle in increasing stress and reducing immunity. This is because when stressed large proportion of energy is used up to protect vital organs and protect the body from imagined fear. Energy available for cellular repair work and production of healthy cells become less.

In my article How to overcome stress in life and in another article on how to overcome anxiety and fear I have covered that in detail.

Yoga Therapy offers holistic way to handle stress. Click here to know more

Covid 19 Symptoms:

As we all know the symptoms of Covid 19 are varied. The following links will help you know the symptoms.

Why does the body temperature go up?

Why does one cough?

In simple terms, body temperature is an indication that the fight between the Covid 19 virus and, the cells of the body is happening. Cough is a way with which the body tries to throw the virus out. Hence in a way these symptoms are indications that body is trying its best to thwart the prevent and rescue itself from covid-19.

The virus enters through the nose, sits there for a certain period. Then the throat and then goes into the lungs. If one can eliminate it in these two places it is good.

Here is how, home remedies for Covid – 19 help.

Home remedies for Covid 19 prevention:

Simple act of inhaling steam helps to kill the covid 19 virus in the throat.

Senior doctors have clearly given valid proof for the same. Ayurvedic doctors suggest that turmeric, ginger, and pepper powder be boiled along with water. The steam inhaled from this through the mouth and nose kills the virus before it reaches the lungs.

One of the most important covid 19 prevention measures is steam inhalation. Even if you do this thrice a week it should be sufficient even though a daily inhalation is advisable given the magnitude of suffering one undergoes if the infection gains potency, after which one runs pillar to post seeking help and spending money, time, and energy

Home Remedies for Covid 19 prevention

As precautions for Covid 19, homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors suggest certain medicines. The AYUSH ministry, Govt of India has clearly given the official notification for Kabha Sura Neer and/or Ayush 65, not only for prevention but also for the treatment of mild to moderate covid 19. A copy of the same is attached here.

Covid 19 Prevention Measures

Personally,, my family members, friends, and most of my clients take this twice a week for the last year. This, with other simple breathwork practice, has kept us safe.

Covid 19 Prevention and rescue with Yoga:

The moment I say the word yoga your body and mind may react differently.

Again yoga?

Why Yoga?

Too much of yoga talk?

I know Yoga?

You will agree that overdose of anything leads to inner resistance. Improper irregular practice, infrequent practice, or even practicing yoga with a rigid set of expectations will not only take away the essence of yoga but also make one feel that they know about it.

If you need to plant a tree you need a tool.

If you need to open a lock you should have the right key.

Wrong tool or no tool both do not work.

Similarly, yoga is a tool to manage and your body and mind.

If you can practice a set of asanas regularly it boosts immune system.

If you are not willing to move and lie down and still get health benefits, you can click this link. This is a simple tool developed by Sadguru, Isha Yoga Centre to increase oxygen levels and increase immunity. All are lying or sitting exercises.

Simple Asana for Increasing oxygen levels. You can check that in google.

If you are a type of person who can do focused practice in a group with instructions; then if you are willing to take up regular morning classes online with guidance. You will get more details when you click the link. This program has a regular monthly fee.

Online Group Yoga with Certified Yoga Therapists.

The above link also summarizes other benefits of yoga.

The benefits of regular online yoga courses can be found in this link.

If you think you know yoga, ask yourself this question – Do I know yoga or do I know how to do yoga.

Most have practiced yoga for a few days, months or years and think they know yoga. Actually, they know how to do yoga.

Knowing yoga is a result of steady regular lifetime of practice with a sense of abandon; this I outside the scope of this article.

Yoga is a time-tested process for Covid 19 prevention, yet it gives you more than what you may ask for.

Dear Friend, in this article I have given different overview of Covid 19 prevention and rescue,

As I shared earlier, social distancing, masking, vaccine are temporary solutions; not permanent. There is no fool proof solution. If you can spend time to work your breath, oxygen intake and assimilation, right diet, then you will keep yourself healthy.

Remember, the virus is mutating. Vaccines or drugs are for certain strains. The body’s cells know how to tackle and eliminate any foreign organism. All you need to do is to support your body, your internal intelligence in this fight.

Frequently asked questions:


What are home remedies for Covid 19 Prevention?

Steaming 20 minutes a day or at least thrice a week is a simple preventive process. You can also add turmeric powder, pepper powder, ginger and boil the water. You can then do steaming using the boiled water

What are simple Covid 19 Prevention Measures?

Doing breath work practices as mentioned in the above article will help you to improve the health of the immune system. This will prevent. Even if infection becomes serious, healthy lungs help in faster recovery and post recovery time is also reduced

Will Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines help?

AYUSH, Government of India has given guidelines for Covid 19 prevention and management for Ayurvedic and Homeopathic practitioners. The approach of these traditions is different in the sense that they change the internal environment of the body to ensure that the virus does not survive. Hence they work differently. Having said that it is the individuals choice, You should clarify your doubts with a qualified Ayurvedic, Siddha or Homeopathic Doctor.

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