The New Art of Living, Online Meditation

In this article The New Art of living, Online meditation we can together explore interesting and unknown facts about meditation related to Neuroplasticity. Though many may know that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety levels, very few the deeper therapeutic effects of regular meditation practice. Many regular meditators and aspirants are not aware of the […]

Online Meditation Classes – Amazing facts about Meditation you should know about!

Regular Meditation Practice with Online Meditation Classes Meditation is a state of mind where the mind is still. Many view meditation as a passive process. But today neuroscience and neuroplasticity research has proven that meditation is an active process. Summary of the key findings of the research: (Link to the full article) Regular Meditation increases […]

What is Yoga Therapy? – A comprehensive Guide

What is Yoga Therapy? What is Yoga Therapy? What is Yoga? Yoga is a set of tools and practices that can help you restore balance in your system. By system I mean your physical body, your mental body and your energy body. The physical body is the part of your body that is physical. Hands, […]

Online Yoga Courses – How to get the best out?

Online Yoga Courses

Online Yoga courses as the name implies are short term courses offered in yoga. As a yoga practitioner, therapist for over 10 years now, most people who come to learn yoga, approach Yoga as a set of practices to learn and then assume that they have learned yoga. In the picture above the driver of […]

What you do not know about Covid 19 Prevention and Rescue

Give me ten minutes and I will give you powerful tools for Covid 19 prevention and rescue. When you ask, what are the ways and means for Covid 19 prevention , you should also ask against which type of covid 19. Do you know that the virus is constantly changing its shape, adapting to the […]

Learn the Secrets of how to overcome stress in Life, Naturally ?

How to Overcome Stress in Life

How to overcome stress in life is a question many successful people also ask. Yet, very few know that what is generally known as stress is a state of mind and body that exists when there is a gap between what one needs and what one has. The current state and the aspired state are […]